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The word “Mukt” means free . Mukti means freedom . Liberation . Liberation from what The mental and physical structures that we have unconsciously created for ourselves. Everything that you have known, or not known, Realized or not Realized, All of the Patterns and Habits within..be they genetic , gathered from one’s upbringing and surroundings, or reinforced through constant thoughts, Hinders ones very way of being. Mukti, The “ Freedom “to create yourself the way you want to be. To become responsible for shaping your very Destiny. Classical Hatha Yoga is a Tremendous Step in this Direction. Hatha Yoga is not just about twisting and turning your body, but a Phenomenal Process to Transform Oneself. Your very existence can become miraculous in one’s experience . It is my privilege to offer Classical Hatha Yoga under the name “Mukti Yogabhyas“ . Freedom from the struggles and friction of life, this is what Hatha Yoga has given me and it is with Utmost Joy and Sincerity I offer the same to anyone who comes.

- Pushpangi Alumni of Isha School of Hatha Yoga - 2018

Mukti Yogabhyas

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